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SPF-Not Just for Your Skin-What You’re Forgetting to Protect…

Welcome to summer in Boulder,CO.

Where everywhere you turn is a group of cyclists zipping down closed streets for this weekend’s triathlon.  Yoga and slack line in the park at every corner, hikers trekking up Chautauqua’s’ grassy lawn and climbers setting forth on their slab stone routes. Cruising up Canyon boulevard you see crowds of people carrying inflated inner tubes to float down Boulder Creek. Visitors strolling to all the boutique shops, eateries and Pompadours hair salon while musicians are strumming, food stands sizzling, and today’s farmer’s market is popping up.  Everywhere you turn there is an outdoor supply and clothing store to provide you with anything and everything you’ll need for the endless activities available within reach.

They don’t call it the mile-high city for nothing. We are closer to the sun and its’ powerful rays at 5,430 feet of elevation. So what does this mean? We all know the importance of SPF for our skin, but what we forget to protect is the growing hair on our head. As we capture the perfect selfie while our hair glistens in the sun at just the right angle; we’re not realizing how much damage and dryness those intense rays are causing. For those of us dipping into the pool for a cool-down, are we thinking of the effects of chlorine as it soaks in?

Thanks to Aveda, there is a 3-part defense and recovery system to not only help reverse the effects of the sun, but prevent future damage. At Pompadours, an Aveda hair salon, we believe in natural ingredients with a purpose.  Based on your lifestyle you can choose to use the product that provides you with the most needed recovery or indulge in all 3 for the best possible results and care for your hair.

Meet Brandon, from the Aveda Institute of Columbus Ohio, who completed an apprenticeship with David Adams, co-creator of the Aveda color line and who has educated and worked in top salons in Washington DC and New York City.  Brandon is a stylist of Pompadours and he recommends the 3-part Sun Care line: Hair and Body Cleanser, After-Sun Hair Masque and Protective Hair Veil.

“Take it from me, a pale white guy…we need to protect ourselves from the UV monster! Not only do we need SPF for our skin, but our hair too. Why you ask? These products will protect your hair from sun damage which also means it’ll keep your color lasting longer. Why spend all that time and money to just have your color fade from the bright globe in the sky? chuckles Brandon”

The cleanser is color-safe with corn-derived chelator to remove minerals causing discoloration found in chlorinated pools. The babassu-derived cleansing system safely and effectively removes salt, chlorine and product build-up while tamanu oil and organic coconut oil moisturizes and conditions. Also with green tea, organic sunflower oil and vitamin E.

The masque is an intensive cream also with tamanu and coconut oils, but it’s the morikue protein that really helps moisturize and restore weakened hair.

Last, but not least, the hair veil is a must-have and should always be found in your bag. This lightweight mist is water-resistant with UVA and UVB filters derived from wintergreen and cinnamon bark oils. Its’ UV defense helps protect hair from the drying effects of the sun.

With these three products in your bathroom, well, one in your bag, you’ll be ready to tackle on any outdoor adventure this summer. Protect your skin and don’t forget to protect your hair as well. You can find these Aveda products on our shelves in downtown Boulder, Colorado. Pompadours, for 28 years since 1990, has been located on the historic Pearl Street Mall and this month marks the 40th year anniversary since the mall was built in 1977.

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