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Bridal Services

At Pompadours we have a skilled staff with varying levels of experience. We have created a more customized menu for your specific needs. Please read through our policies for large parties. All prices listed are starting prices. Larger bridal parties may require a deposit.

Bridal Services

Makeup Application45-75
Eyelash Application15
Shampoo and Blow Dry30-50
Shampoo and Blow Dry Fancy45-80
Updo Simple50-80
Updo Fancy65-110
Updo Practice Session95-165
Flat Iron or Curling Iron Add-on15-25

*Updo Practice Session is required for Bridal Updo’s.
**Flat iron and curling iron charge per 15-minute addition. Blow dry and updo charges vary based on complexity and time required.

Wedding Guide

Thank you for considering Pompadours for your bridal needs. In order to make your wedding day as stress-free as possible, here are a few of our guidelines:

False eyelash application is an additional $15 must be booked in advance, is only performed by certain stylists.

All brides must have a practice run.

We are only able to accommodate up to 10 people in one business day for bridal services.

We require a credit card number to have on file in order to make your reservations.

Any cancellations made less than one week before the date of the event will be charged to the credit card. We do have a “10 minute rule.” If you or your bridal party is more than 10 minutes late, we may not be able to complete your entire service. We will accommodate you to the best of our abilities, but we must be respectful of our other clients’ appointments. If we are not able to accommodate all your services due to tardiness, you will still be charged the full price.

We do not provide hair pieces, tiaras or flowers. If any of these items will be part of your hairstyle, please bring it with you on the day of your practice run. We can only guarantee our ability to work with your accessories if there is a practice run first.

Please plan for all services not provided by Pompadours’ staff to be scheduled outside of the salon.

Please arrive with clean, dry hair and wear a button-up shirt if you will be receiving a special occasion hairstyle.

Contact our bridal party coordinator Stephanie Rockafellow at 303-938-8015.

Prices: We strive to exceed your expectations regardless of level of service you choose. All service prices shown represent our starting prices. Our pricing structure varies depending on the stylist’s experience, length and condition of hair, skill certification, and continuing advanced education.